Woodsum Commercial Leasing Academy

Empowering Lawyers Through Education

Launching in 2021


Introduction to Commercial Leasing: A Starter Guide for New Leasing Lawyers

– 5-week course launching (TBD)

This course will transform your relationship to commercial leasing by giving you the inside track on commercial leasing basics as well as tips on forming lasting and meaningful client relationships which are key to launching a successful commercial leasing practice. This course provides an introduction to these concepts through a thorough analysis of letters of intent.

Approval 10 hours MCLE credit [NV confirmed & CA pending]


Foundations in Commercial Leasing: Learn the Essential Elements of Commercial Leases

– 6-week course launching (TBD)

This course will teach the foundational concepts essential to any successful commercial leasing practice. Topics will include an overview of the following lease provisions: CAM/operating expenses, security deposits (including letters of credit and guaranties), repairs, surrender, holding over, subordination, insurance/indemnification, landlord remedies, standard statutory waivers, estoppel certificates, construction issues (including work letters) and renewal options. Particular attention will be paid to each of the landlord’s and tenant’s goals and negotiation strategies.

Approval Pending for 12 hours MCLE credit


Future Courses:

Launching in 2022


Commercial Leasing Masterclass: Take Your Commercial Leasing Practice to the Next Level

– 7-week course launching (TBD)

This course will take your commercial leasing practice to the next level through interactive class sessions and case studies focusing on the most challenging issues facing commercial leasing practitioners. Topics covered will include complex delivery issues, expansion options (must-take, ROFO, ROFR), construction issues (landlord delivery, tenant builds, TI allowances), securitizing the lease, early termination options, special uses (medical, life sciences, industrial), SNDAs, landlord lien waivers, and force majeure (Covid) as well as negotiating strategies and compromises to move a lease across the finish line. Includes 1 hour of ethics (Multijurisdictional Commercial Leasing Practice).

Approval Pending for 14 hours MCLE credit



Additional Courses:

· Spotlight on AIR Lease Forms: Master Using these Forms Whether You Represent Landlord or Tenant – 3-week course

· Spotlight on Assignment & Subletting: Covering All Aspects of Assignments, Subletting and Landlord Consents – 3-week course

· Mini-Course: Marketing Tips for Your Commercial Leasing Practice – 2-week course

· Insider Tips for Launching a Successful Solo Practice – 3-week course